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Okie Dokie, I should start! January 4, 2012

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Found this today and decided to re-post it here.  I think I’ll get started tomorrow!

Here’s the approx. 2 mile plan :


2012 Shamrock Shuffle January 3, 2012

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Yesterday I signed up for the 2012 Shamrock Shuffle.  I’m mostly excited to get training for this.  If you’d like to follow my progress this is where you can do it.  I do this really to keep myself going even when I don’t want to.  I’ll be updating my last year’s training schedule so you can see what my plan is (and see if I stick to it).

I’m also happy that I’ll be running “with” my brother Erich and my future sister-in-law Julie (Ted’s fiance).  I say “with” because last year (if my memory is good) Erich and his friend Jason finished the race before I even started.

At this early stage I’m hoping to get to a 50 minute finish (5 minutes faster than last year).  We’ll see as time goes by if that’s a CRAZY goal or not 🙂


The LONG Run April 3, 2011

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I just got back from my longest training run with a week left before race day.

I completed 4.5 miles.  NONE of it felt good, but I pushed through and go it done in 50 minutes!

I’m now thinking that my goal for the Shamrock Shuffle (8K) is to complete it in an hour.  This really seems do-able at the moment 🙂


This Past Week

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This week I missed Friday’s 2 mile run, but did do 3 miles on Wednesday.  I ran at a 5.5 mph pace and did the last quarter mile at 6.5 to finish under 33 minutes.


Whoo Hoo! March 28, 2011

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Friday I have to admit that I only did a mile because it was an observation week for Coen and Cora’s swim lessons and I wanted to see how they were doing.  I did however do it at a 6.5mph pace.

On to tonight!  I did my 4 mile run and did it in about 50 minutes.  So it’s official . . .  I can crawl the last mile if needed.  I did notice I was tired and 2.5 miles and had to really keep thinking, “I can do this.”  By 3.5 miles I felt pretty good again.  As I type my knees hurt (that’s a first).  Hmm.  I’m happy with tonight’s run.  Two weeks until race day 🙂



Uggh! March 25, 2011

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Just realized the last two Wednesdays I was supposed to do 3 miles 😦

Maybe I’ll do 3 tonight . . .


Past Week

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Hmm, lets see.  I’ll be honest I’ve mostly been doing just the runs as things have been busy.  So here’s what’s been up.

Last Tuesday (15th) – I did 25 minutes on the bike.

Last Wednesday (16th) – 2.5 miles run

Last Friday (18th) – 2 miles run

This Monday (21st) – 3.8 miles (due to running after dark I didn’t run along the lake, I tried to make up the difference be estimating how much I had to make up and missed by about 2 blocks).  I COULD have finished the whole 4 miles which made that frustrating!

Tuesday (22nd) – Matt’s car was in the shop so no swim class for Cole and that meant no workout for me.

Wednesday (23rd) – A pretty easy 2.5 miles.  I even spead up the last 1/4 mile to a pace of 6.5 just to see if I could do it 🙂  I did it!

Thursday – just plain lazy so didn’t do an Active2 workout.

Friday – I should have no trouble doing the 2 miles tonight while the older two are swimming and C3 is playing at the ‘Maze.

About two weeks left.  I’m thinking I can do this because even IF I pooped out at 4 miles I’d have over a half hour to crawl the last mile 🙂