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Official Training Start January 31, 2012

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Image     This week marks 8 weeks until race day.  So I start the whole training schedule today with a 2 mile run.  Did it!  2 miles in just under 20 minutes (on the treadmill).  I’m planning on increasing the length of the runs that are on my training schedule to see if I can decrease my time from last year.  I think it’s do-able 🙂


2012 Training Begins! January 26, 2012

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As promised in my prior blog note, I DID run 2 miles on January 4th, however that’s been it until this week 😦

This week I started by running 2 miles in 23 minutes.  I took the two youngest over to my parents’ house to use their treadmill.  That worked pretty well after 10 minutes of trying to figure out how to start it!  I actually had done the correct think early on in the process, but for some reason it didn’t work – oh well.  I started at a 5mph pace and then sped up to 6mph the last half mile.  I felt pretty good about that.

Today I went over there again, but decided I’d try to maintain a 6mph pace.  I’ll be honest, that was mostly because Julie (my future sister-in-law) did 3 miles in 30 minutes the other day.  I don’t like being out-done (never mind she’s like 13 years younger than me)!  At the same time I know she’ll run the 8K faster than me, but for now the motivation is working 🙂  I finished 2 miles in under 20 minutes.  I was so ticked about having to be on the treadmill that the last 1/8 of a mile I sped it up to 7mph just so I could finish and get off of it quicker!  I made it though!  AND I’m still here to tell about it 😉

I have to look back at the blog from last year to see how much better I’m doing already, you can too if you’d like.  The “official” training schedule starts next week, but I hope to up some of the mileges or at least run them at a faster pace.


Okie Dokie, I should start! January 4, 2012

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Found this today and decided to re-post it here.  I think I’ll get started tomorrow!

Here’s the approx. 2 mile plan :


2012 Shamrock Shuffle January 3, 2012

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Yesterday I signed up for the 2012 Shamrock Shuffle.  I’m mostly excited to get training for this.  If you’d like to follow my progress this is where you can do it.  I do this really to keep myself going even when I don’t want to.  I’ll be updating my last year’s training schedule so you can see what my plan is (and see if I stick to it).

I’m also happy that I’ll be running “with” my brother Erich and my future sister-in-law Julie (Ted’s fiance).  I say “with” because last year (if my memory is good) Erich and his friend Jason finished the race before I even started.

At this early stage I’m hoping to get to a 50 minute finish (5 minutes faster than last year).  We’ll see as time goes by if that’s a CRAZY goal or not 🙂