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Past Week March 25, 2011

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Hmm, lets see.  I’ll be honest I’ve mostly been doing just the runs as things have been busy.  So here’s what’s been up.

Last Tuesday (15th) – I did 25 minutes on the bike.

Last Wednesday (16th) – 2.5 miles run

Last Friday (18th) – 2 miles run

This Monday (21st) – 3.8 miles (due to running after dark I didn’t run along the lake, I tried to make up the difference be estimating how much I had to make up and missed by about 2 blocks).  I COULD have finished the whole 4 miles which made that frustrating!

Tuesday (22nd) – Matt’s car was in the shop so no swim class for Cole and that meant no workout for me.

Wednesday (23rd) – A pretty easy 2.5 miles.  I even spead up the last 1/4 mile to a pace of 6.5 just to see if I could do it 🙂  I did it!

Thursday – just plain lazy so didn’t do an Active2 workout.

Friday – I should have no trouble doing the 2 miles tonight while the older two are swimming and C3 is playing at the ‘Maze.

About two weeks left.  I’m thinking I can do this because even IF I pooped out at 4 miles I’d have over a half hour to crawl the last mile 🙂


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