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The Long Run March 7, 2011

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Well, due to cleaning duties for the potential move and upcoming listing the long run had to be done this morning.  We got to the Y at about 10:30 and had to wait 15 minutes before they had room for all three kids (since there was no school today).

I got on the treadmill thinking I’d make it 1 mile at 5.5mph and then downgrade to 5mph for the second mile and then see what happened with the third mile.  They I thought, “It would be really nice to do this if 40 minutes.”

At about a mile I decided to try and keep at the 5.5mph pace until 1.5 miles.   I hit that and decided to go to 2 miles a the same pace.  By two miles, I though maybe I’ll make it to 2.5?

Well, I’m proud to say  I made the whole 3 miles at the 5.5mph pace and it didn’t feel too bad.  Sweaty, but not bad.  So, I finished 3 miles in under 33 minutes 🙂  Feeling pretty good about it even IF it was on the treadmill.

Here’s to hoping 2.5miles on Wednesday seems short! 😉


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