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Update :) February 22, 2011

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Now I noticed I haven’t updated since the first day.  HMM!

I have been keeping up with the training though!!

Here it is:

Tuesday – I thought I was supposed to do 20 min. instead of the actual 30 min. of cross-training.  Then I got to the Y late 😦  So I did 15 min.

Wednesday – I did my two miles, but had to start over at one point because the little man needed a diaper change.  So, I really did a bit more than the two miles.

Thursday – I had trouble with the Active 2 so ended up frustrated and did 21 min. of cross training

Friday – I did my 2 miles

Saturday – rest.  DONE.

Just yesterday (Sunday) I was supposed to do 2 miles.  I didn’t realize until 6:30 that the Y closes at 7 on Sundays.  So . . . no run 😦

Tonight I’m happy to say I did my 2 mile run and it actually felt good.  I didn’t feel bad at the end and actually felt like I could have gone longer, but thought better of it since my cross training tomorrow will be at about 9:30 which doesn’t leave much rest time.

There you have it.  I’m keeping up pretty well.  🙂


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