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What is THIS all about? February 6, 2011

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Ok, so, what is this blog about and why am I writing it?

This blog is a record (mostly for me) about my training for my first ever race . . . The Shamrock Shuffle 2011.

Am I crazy – YES!  I decided I should sign up for a 5K to keep me motivated to run and lose weight.  Ok, so how’d it end up to be an 8K?  I blame by brother and multiple-marathon runner Erich.  He said something like, “it helps to have your goal bigger because it scares you into training.”  I don’t think he expected it, but I decided, “what the heck, I might as well try it!”

For the sake of face I will not tell you what my mile time is at this point because IT IS HORRIBLE!  I doubt I’ll post times (unless MAYBE you promise not to judge me).  The past month I’ve been trying to run each day I take the kids to swim lessons.  This has not been all that successful, but I’m feeling better about running.  I’m still thinking that I’m going to have trouble finishing in the hour and a half allotted to complete the 8K, but we’ll see.

I am proud to say that on Friday (after carrying a 25lb boy on my back to and from school 3 times) I ran 2 miles at a pace of 5.5MPH on the treadmill at the Y.  I was sore Saturday, but I’m really hoping that had something to do with the above-mentioned boy and the shoveling of 20+ inches of snow in the prior days.  I CAN HOPE!

Later I’ll share with you my training schedule.  I hope to update each day once that schedule starts (like I said, mostly just to keep myself accountable).


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