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Friday and Sunday Runs February 27, 2011

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Friday – I completed my 2 mile run while the older two kids were at swimming lesson.  I kept a pace of 5.5mph.  Not too bad.

Sunday – Did my first outside/non-treadmill run.  It was 2.5 miles.  I think it took me about 34 minutes.  Which is not a pace I’m happy with, however I had a few traffic lights AND I have to remember that it was my first time not pressed on by the treadmill.  So I guess it’s actually pretty good.  Plus if I could maintain that it puts me well under the upper time limit for the Shuffle 🙂

Below is my route I used today (Thanks to Sarah for telling me about


Thursday’s Done February 25, 2011

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Well I did my 30 minute workout tonight.  Used Active 2.  I’m not pleased with how it operated, but I got it done.


Wednesdays 2 mile run February 24, 2011

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I’m not happy with last night’s run.  I was tired after a mile and actually slowed the treadmill down to 5mph 😦  I’m hoping it has something to do with doing a late run on Monday.  I’m not really sure, but my foot didn’t fall asleep this time, so something positive to take from a bad run.

Tonight I’ll do my 30 minute workout and then tomorrow it’s another 2 mile while C1&2 swim.


Better leave earlier February 22, 2011

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I’ve learned now that I must leave earlier to get to the Y in time to work out for 30 minutes.  With that said I bout 17 min. in today.  I’ll try harder next Tuesday to get out the door earlier.  With that said I’m not slacking off 🙂


Update :)

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Now I noticed I haven’t updated since the first day.  HMM!

I have been keeping up with the training though!!

Here it is:

Tuesday – I thought I was supposed to do 20 min. instead of the actual 30 min. of cross-training.  Then I got to the Y late 😦  So I did 15 min.

Wednesday – I did my two miles, but had to start over at one point because the little man needed a diaper change.  So, I really did a bit more than the two miles.

Thursday – I had trouble with the Active 2 so ended up frustrated and did 21 min. of cross training

Friday – I did my 2 miles

Saturday – rest.  DONE.

Just yesterday (Sunday) I was supposed to do 2 miles.  I didn’t realize until 6:30 that the Y closes at 7 on Sundays.  So . . . no run 😦

Tonight I’m happy to say I did my 2 mile run and it actually felt good.  I didn’t feel bad at the end and actually felt like I could have gone longer, but thought better of it since my cross training tomorrow will be at about 9:30 which doesn’t leave much rest time.

There you have it.  I’m keeping up pretty well.  🙂


First day of training February 14, 2011

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Today was a stretch and strength day (as are the next 6 Mondays).  I did a simple EA Sports Active 2 stretching.  I hope that qualifies 🙂

Last Wednesday I did a total of 2 miles and on Friday a did 2 mile run.  Friday felt good and I kept up a pace of 5.5mph which I was pretty happy with.  I thought, “Maybe I’ll make the 8K after all.”

Tomorrow is cross training.  I’m still deciding if I go early to C3’s swim lesson and do some bike or do some EA Sports Active 2 at home in the afternoon.  Hmm. . .


Training begins is one week :/ February 7, 2011

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I realized yesterday that my “formal” training will begin one week from today.

Tomorrow I’ll run before taking C3 to his swim class.  Hopefully I’ll have time for 2 miles.

I’m counting 3 walks to and from school with C3 on my back as strength training for today 😉  I know, I know that’s cheating!